Critiquing Nautilus Minerals

An excerpt from the Steiner Report (2009), critiquing the Nautilus Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) demonstrates the lies and misinformation that Nautilus is capable of telling. With their history of lies and deceit, Nautilus simply cannot be trusted, especially when they tell you that the West Coast people of New Ireland province support the Solwara 1 project:

‘…….The EIS states that: “A number of well-attended meetings (Table 4.2) were held on Bagabag Island (Madang Province), in Kavieng, etc.…The majority of attendees were generally positive while not expressing full support.” This is a dramatic misrepresentation of the results of the Bagabag meeting. The author visited Bagabag in 2007 shortly after Nautilus representatives held their meeting there, and was told that the overwhelming sentiment expressed by Bagabag residents to Nautilus was in strong opposition to any seabed mining proposals. This should be honestly reflected in the EIS, but isn’t. This misrepresentation calls into question other such representations of community support in the EIS……..’

Click HERE  to download the Steiner Report and two reports by the Deep Sea Mining Campaign that highlight the flaws in Nautilus Environmental Impact Statements


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